Huddersfield Civic Society

Huddersfield Civic Society

Who Are We?

Huddersfield Civic Society, created in 1964, aims to encourage high standards of architecture and town planning within Huddersfield. We strive to stimulate public interest and pride in caring for the town and its existing buildings, encourage improvements in its environment and amenities and promote the town as a vibrant and attractive place to live and work.

Our particular sphere of interest approximates to the old County Borough of Huddersfield and, as a registered charity, the Society is dedicated both to preserving and celebrating our built heritage. We are consulted by Kirklees Council, as of right, on matters such as proposed alterations to, or demolition of buildings which are "listed" or are in Conservation Areas.

We are not simply a preservation body and spend as much time looking forward as looking back, demonstrated by our annual Design Awards for the best new developments within the town. We welcome new buildings of quality which are in sympathy with their surroundings even where this occasionally involves the demolition of existing buildings.

When relevant, we make submissions to Public Inquiries and, if appropriate, approach local councillors, MPs or government/local authority departments directly.

We welcome new members, both as individuals and corporate bodies (see Membership section for application details)