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Feb 19

Huddersfield Civic Society 2018 Programme

Huddersfield Civic Society's programme of events and speakers and committee meeetings for 2018. Speaker Evenings are held in the Reception Room, Huddersfield Town Hall, Corporation Street HD1 2TA apart from 1 May (venue to be confirmed), and the 6 November and 11 December which will both be at Heritage Quay, University of Huddersfield. Members are free to bring guests although donations are welcomed.

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Oct 02

Perspectives on China – Urbanisation and Rural Regeneration in a Developing Society

China is a place of contrasts which has undergone a remarkable level of evolution and development in recent decades.

Although there has been significant city urbanisation and economic development, less well known is the redevelopment of rural areas in which 600 million people still reside. For more than 10 years the Chinese Government has been supporting revitalisation of villages, and of particular interest are areas in the southwest of China with various ethnic minority communities and cultures. Using numerous photographs and drawings, Professor Adrian Pitts, Professor of Sustainable Architecture at the University of Huddersfield will illustrate some of the changes taking place by considering one of the major cities, Chongqing, and contrasting this with some of the redevelopment of village and rural areas.

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