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Kirkgate & Somerset Buildings are listed - at last

Posted on 29 March 2016 by Chris Marsden

Kirkgate Buildings from an 1880s Builder magazine

Kirkgate and Somerset Buildings, of circa 1883 by W H Crossland, were recommended for listing at Grade II for these principal reasons:

* Architectural quality: its eclectic C19 Queen Anne styling displays a strong level of architectural flair, incorporating French and Flemish Renaissance influenced detailing to successful effect;

* Architect: it was designed by the notable Huddersfield architect W H Crossland, who has many listed buildings to his name, and is an excellent example of his work;

* Sculptural interest: the elevations incorporate high-quality sculptural work by the Italian sculptor Ceccardo Egidio Fucigna, and include references to Huddersfield's close links with the textile trade, as well as the building's links with the Ramsden family;

* Interior interest: despite some later alteration the interior retains a number of notable features, including the atrium roof with its elegant mild-steel trusses, balustraded galleries to the two uppermost floors,

and offices with original internal windows looking out onto the galleries;

* Group value: it has strong group value with nearby listed buildings, a number of which were also designed by Crossland.

* the 1935 interior of the former Neaversons shop, which retains original fittings and is an example of interior design influenced by Le Corbusier.

The former Neaverson's was alredy listed at grade II, Now the whole block is listed. Waverley Chambers, the third block in the group ws listed in 2013