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Talk Exposes Huddersfield's Beerhouses, Brothels and Bobbies

Posted on 3 April 2017 08:58 PM by David Wyles

One of Huddersfield’s foremost historians who will outline the story behind the development of policing in Huddersfield and the Huddersfield district in the mid nineteenth century at an illustrated talk at Huddersfield Town Hall Reception Room at 19.30 on Tuesday 4 April.

Professor David Taylor will reveal Huddersfield’s criminal underworld with villains such as ‘Slasher’ Wilson and John Sutcliffe, the ‘King of Castlegate’; the ferocious anti-police riot in Honley in 1862 and the equally controversial peccadilloes of local policemen. He will also describe the most notorious street of old Huddersfield with its beerhouse-brothels, known for prostitution and the associated practice of trafficking young women, resulting in the town gaining a reputation as ‘the brothel of the West Riding’.

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